The 0202M OEM MCMA (Multi-Cell Micro-transducer Array) planar speakers from FPS are the smallest of all the FPS OEM transducers. The 0202M is the perfect speaker solution for teleconference speaker phones and VOIP setups, small intercom systems, digital signage, POS displays, and any other application where full range sound in a compact package is needed.

All MCMA transducers are passive so external amplification is required. The 0202M speakers handle up to 2 watts RMS (4 watts max) at 4.25 ohms. The 0202M is the smallest OEM transducer available with under 1.5 square inches of surface area the planar effect is enhanced when arrayed. FPS builds all their MCMA speakers by embedding an array of voice coils directly into the diaphragm that correspond to an array of powerful neodymium magnets. The 0202M speakers have 4 voice coils and 4 corresponding magnets.

Some of the benefits of using the 0202M speaker over a conventional cone speaker with similar specifications are; significantly less mounting depth and back volume is required, MCMA have minimal acoustic feedback, much faster transient response, dipole capability and high resistance to water and temperature.


  • Planar technology
  • Ultra thin and flat
  • Immediate transient response
  • Shallow mounting depth & back volume
  • Focused directional output
  • Dipole capable
  • High resistance to moisture and temperature


Input: 2 watts RMS (4 watts max)

SPL @ 1 watt/ .5 meter: 77dB +/- 3dB

Frequency Respopnse: 360Hz - 20kHz

Resonance Frequency: 360Hz +/- 20%

Impedance: 4.25 ohms

Dimensions Standard: L1.25" W1.15" D.240"

Dimensions Metric: L31.5mm W29mm D6mm

Weight: .303 oz/ 8.6 grams

Stereo/Mono: Mono

Number of Magnets: 4

Number of Voice Coils: 4

Cutout: n/a

Depth: n/a

Specifications are subject to change at anytime without notice.