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Best Sellers

The thin, flat directional speaker.

Multi Cell Micro-transducer Array (MCMA)

Awesome Intelligibility

Strong Directivity

Quick Rise Time

Minimal Acoustic Feedback

Highly Water Resistant

99% Recyclable

Compact & Lightweight

fps model 1030M flat panel speaker - perspective view


Planar speakers are thin, lightweight, extremely durable and weather resistant. FPS flat panel speakers offer limitless installation and placement potentials and no heavy tooling or hardware is required. Direct replacement from a cone speaker system to a flat panel speaker system is possible using existing amplifiers, cables and hardware.


Flat panel speakers have no mechanical parts and have simple trouble free designs. This makes them highly durable and resistant to weather and environmental forces. In outdoor applications sensitive mechanical components typical of cone speakers require shielding from sunlight, moisture, and dust. In some instances sound quality is sacrificed for speaker placement to protect them from environmental elements.


It’s true the unit price of FPS planar transducers is higher than comparable cone speakers. However, only a third of the speaker units are necessary to cover the same area, reach the same size audience or achieve the same SPL. Accordingly installation and setup costs are less because flat panel speakers require fewer amplifiers, cables, and actual speaker placements.


Due to the size, weight, energy efficiency, and performance characteristics of FPS flat panel speakers fewer units are required to achieve the desired effect. This translates into savings in the form of lower transportation costs and power consumption.

Cone speaker technology has not changed much in 80 years. After decades of stagnation in cone speaker design new plane wave speaker designers are emerging and embracing this superior technology. Planar technology is far away better compared to traditional speakers and loudspeakers.

Also worthy of note is FPS speakers are 95% recyclable while cone speakers are only 30% to 60% recyclable.